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Just think of the introduction to your research paper as an introduction between two people who do not know one another. In your case it's your work, your research paper as one person and the academic who is to read and mark it as the second person. You want your introduction to be simple and effective. You want both parties, well the animate one certainly, to be happy, relaxed and confident. More importantly you want your introduction to be enticing. You want to make the person reading your research paper to feel a tinge of excitement. You certainly want them to look forward to reading more. It's the perfect teaser or trailer of what is to come. Make your research paper introduction brilliant.

Some people have a somewhat out of left field suggestion when they argue that you should write both your introduction and your conclusion after you finish the body of your research paper. There is a grain of truth in that suggestion. I mean if you have written your body paragraphs with the arguments to support your thesis statement, you then really know what you're on about. You obviously have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of your research paper. You have proved what you're on about by writing the facts. To then go back and write the introduction seems pretty logical. However, there are many who do not support that argument as far as the introduction goes. Yes, they support writing the conclusion at the end but not the introduction. If nothing else, it’s something worth thinking about.

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