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A List Of Outstanding Research Paper Topics For College Seniors

As you approach you last year of college, you will notice that the topics are based on the world and its happenings. You can still write about what interests you, but you may have to connect that topic to the current world. For example, if you decide to write about going green, it will be expected that you will write about the current happenings in the world of environmental studies. You are expected to look outside of yourself more in your senior year of college. This makes sense, since you will soon be, if you are not all ready, a contributing member of society. If you are at a loss for a title idea, feel free to use some of the topics listed below:

  • Going green and how you can help
  • ISIS and their impact on your world
  • Police brutality-could you be victim
  • Should the NFL dictate the behaviors of its players
  • Isn’t it about time that we pay women the same as we pay men across the board
  • Why do we pay for internet and how can we get it for free
  • Are we still a racist society, if so, why
  • Can we co-exist with extreme religious sects
  • Concussions and high school students
  • Medical marijuana-should it be allowed across the spectrum
  • Should websites be allowed to post the videos of terrorists killing people
  • Should ray rice be allowed to play football
  • Freedom of speech-does it really still exist
  • Is gluten really bad for us
  • Wheat, and all its evil qualities
  • Greece and its financial difficulties
  • What happened in Paris and why was freedom of speech attacked in the most violent of ways
  • Gender roles and why we need to do away with them

As you can see, the topics all lend themselves to current events. So, find a topic that you enjoy, and then check trending stories on social media about that topic. You will still be writing in either MLA or AA style, following all grammar and writing rules. You should still write in third person, stay away from slang and contractions, and keep the material appropriate for the academic world. You will use sources, have citations, and have either a Works Cited or a bibliography page. And lastly, follow all the directions and instructions your teacher has given you, meet all your deadlines, and have fun with this essay.

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