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Save Your Money and Time: Organizing Writing a College Research Paper Step by Step

If you want to quickly write a good college research paper, you will need to know how to go about doing this in the most efficient manner. The preparation phase is the most important part in this process. If you manage to organize the information you will need to use efficiently, you will be able to write the paper itself without much trouble.

People with little experience with writing academic papers can be overwhelmed by information, so they may not know how to start organizing it. Taking the following steps will help you with the beginning stages of college research paper writing.

  1. Gathering information.

    Start by researching your topic. Be sure to examine it from various angles, and gather all kinds of data that pertain to the subject. At this stage, you will need to build up the information base that you will work with further. Do not try to get everything in one go, as you will definitely need to do more research to fill in the blanks as you progress with your writing.

  2. Analyzing your findings.

    At this point in the process, you will need to break down the information you’ve gathered into manageable parts. Analyze each part separately and prioritize them. Then, you will need to establish the connections between them and determine how to incorporate everything into the paper. See whether you require more information to back up some arguments.

  3. Develop a thesis statement.

    This sentence must express the main idea of your paper. Base it on the arguments and evidence you have already gathered.

    You will need to review the thesis after you finish writing to make sure that it still expresses the core idea perfectly.

  4. Get rid of any unnecessary notes.

    The notes you take at the beginning of your research must be reviewed with your thesis statement in mind. Eliminate everything that cannot be used in direct support of your chosen arguments. Weeding out excessive and unnecessary information will make it much easier to write the actual paper.

  5. Fill in the gaps.

    At this stage, you should have a good idea of how exactly your paper must look like. You will need to go over every one of your arguments again and study the evidence you use to prove them closely. Weed out the ones that are not strong enough, and do some more research to ensure that every argument is solid. You may also look for additional information that will make the connections between different facts more obvious.

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