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Useful Strategies That Will Help You Select Term Paper Topics

The selection of a good topic plays a major role in determining whether your term paper will be successful. You need to approach this matter with the utmost care and dedication, as this piece of academic writing is extremely important.

Remember that the topic in question must be interesting not only to yourself, but to your readers as well. This means that you need to start looking for it by identifying your audience and researching their tastes. The better your analysis of this group is, the easier it will be for you to impress them. You will also be able to choose much more effective arguments if you actually know what can convince these people. This approach will significantly cut down your research time, and will increase the efficiency of your work as a whole.

In case it’s too difficult to conduct a proper assessment of the audience, you may focus on subjects that are considered “classics”. There are some matters that equally bother everyone; regardless of their age, level of education, and social class. Feelings, health, morality, and discrimination are just a few of them. If you want to follow this strategy of topic selection, you will need to study the recent news and determine what the most pressing issues in society today are.

If you want to target a very specific audience with your paper, for example a professional union, you will need to appeal to its interests. You will also need to put those section-specific subjects in the context of current news.

The research must clearly show how it affects the field of study as a whole, and why these effects are relevant for this particular professional community. Look at the subject matter from an unorthodox point of view, by presenting it from the position of the different professions that directly interact with your chosen field. Interesting ideas can be found anywhere, so leading an active social life and gaining various exciting experiences will help you find a good topic. This will also enrich your inner world and allow you to see various issues in a broader context.

Here are some interesting suggestions you can use for your term paper topic:

  • Why are women’s average salaries lower than men’s?
  • Can wind energy become a solution to resource depletion, or is harnessing it too expensive?
  • How do people become workaholics, and what kind of affect does this have on their lives?
  • Are children raised by single mothers better off than those raised by single fathers?
  • Should animals be kept in zoos?

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