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Writing A Research Paper Problem Statement: Tips & Tricks

This article shows you how to write a research paper that clearly highlights your response to a problem statement throughout the essay by showing you a few tips and tricks on how this can be accomplished.

Defining the problem statement

Do not confuse this with an actual problem. In essence, the essay is persuasive in tone by putting forward a strong argument.

  • The problem in this context will be the thesis statement. You will be using your response to it throughout your essay as your main theme or line of enquiry.
  • You could say that you are setting out to solve a problem that will extend the thesis statement.
  • In formal, academic language, your problem-solving initiative will be known as your own, independent assertion. Your opening statement will show how you will be going forward with your argument or suggestion.

Where to go for information

This will depend on your subject matter. In some cases, research may require unconventional work that is original in its execution.

  • Internet research is fine so long as you are able to refine your searches and recognize the credibility of your sources.
  • City and college libraries remain the best areas for meticulous research that includes close readings of a range of texts.
  • In some cases, interviews may be conducted. Try your best to gain full permission from your interviewees to be quoted in your paper.

How to write the paper

The research paper is part of your academic work. It will be a formal, written presentation which adheres to rules laid down by your faculty.

  • The language you will be using is formal and objective. What it will not be is colloquial and emotive. While it is formal, the language should be written with vocabulary that will be understood by most readers.
  • Adopt the standard approach to writing formal essays by including an introduction, main body, and conclusion. The problem statement should be mentioned and discussed in each of these parts.
  • Write at least three drafts before approaching the final script. When writing has been completed, always edit well afterwards. Clearly highlight your response to the problem statement.

Revising the thesis statement

Your dissertation will only be effective if your response to the thesis statement has been coherently presented throughout the essay. Make a point of including this in your introduction and briefly remind readers of your response in your conclusion.

This article has briefly demonstrated how you can respond professionally to a problem statement in a well-researched paper and show your expertise in addressing the problem.

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