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5 Terrorism Topics for an Academic Research Paper

Today’s students are of a generation that all they’ve known is a world that is facing terror threats and war acts.  Writing on terrorism for academic research papers, is a natural inclination.  Student have a wide variety of options when it comes to writing about terrorism, and any of these will be great paper.  For the student who wants an idea on what they can write about for their research paper on Terrorism here are some of their options or topics that the student can choose are as the following.  

Terrorism Topics:

  • Iran Hostage Crisis

    The student can write about the Iran Hostage Crisis.  This was a hostage situation where an angry mob seized control of the United States Embassy and held sixty Americans hostage.  The student can write a research paper on how the United States forces handled the situation and research how the mob was able to take control of the Embassy.  The student then can research how security measures were upped to protect other Embassies and future citizens from such terror.   The student can also look into how the government handled the conflict

  • Media Effect on Terrorism

    The student can take an in depth look on how the media portrays terrorism, and the effects on the general public.  A student can look at previous acts of terrorism and evaluate how the media handled the reporting of the situation.  With September 11th, the days of coverage that followed how would that compare to something that happens overseas.  This would be a good topic for a student who needs to write on terrorism.

  • General Terrorism

    The student can write a research paper about what terrorism is, how it impacts an environment.  The student can focus on the definition and how one would complete an act of terror.  The student could even look at the reason a group would commit an act of terror.  If the terror could ever be justified.  This topic can be really broad, which means the student has more freedom to really just look at the act of terrorism as a whole.

While this generation of student have been exposed to act of terror their whole lives, they are not the only generation to have been so. While writing on terrorism can be emotional the student must strive to keep the research paper academic and professional sounding. But choosing any of these topics or the other topics that a student can write a strong and topical research paper, that they can be proud of.

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