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Top 5 Tips For Writing A Catchy Research Paper Title

The title for your paper needs to be both effective and interesting. Crafting superb titles isn’t as difficult as you may think, especially if you use the following 5 strategies.

  1. Know the purpose of your title: it describes the contents of your paper, distinguishes it from other papers in the same category, grabs the reader’s interest and holds onto their attention. It should also contain keywords people would enter in when doing a search query. It helps people find your paper online so they can cite it in their paper. A fantastic title could make your name known within your chosen subject.

  2. Use a thought-provoking question to start out with. It helps your title appear catchy and interesting. If using a subtitle, ensure it goes well with your title. The title defines the tone of your paper. Make sure you have a serious title for a serious paper. It should compel your reader to want to continue reading.

  3. Don’t use your thesis or argument as the title. Instead, make a statement from your conclusions and use it to create your title. The thesis or argument’s place is in the first paragraph of the paper, not in the title. The title should be less than 15 to 20 words. It may be tempting to make it longer, to add a little more information, but lengthy titles will fall flat. Make it just long enough to get across your main point, without being inordinately clumsy.

  4. Ask your instructor or teacher for help in constructing your title. This isn’t a bad strategy at all. They have loads of experience and will be able to give you very applicable advice. Librarians are also good sources of assistance. If you have crafted a title you’re not sure of, get their advice. Show them what you’ve written thus far in your paper, because they will need to know what the title is based on in order to be able to help.

  5. Look for other research papers in your topic and see how they crafted their titles. Look specifically at the wording and how it fits into their paper’s content. Did they use a sentence resembling their argument? Did they form an interesting question? Which titles capture your attention? How did the writer accomplish that? You can emulate other peoples’ great titles; of course you wouldn’t copy them. Your title must fit your material and it must be unique.

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