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What Are The Essential Parts Of A College-Level Research Paper?

Most students encounter their first serious research project when they enter college and they must now not only conduct experimental and investigative activities in a professional manner, they must also present a well written, documented paper for submission. From this time on, essays may become an ever present part of your academic activities, but even if it does not, it can still be highly beneficial to develop excellent writing skills at an early stage.

To write any publication, one must include several features that help to verify the credibility of your work, as well as make it as interesting as can be to the readers. The following points will identify the various parts of a college level research paper, in 5 short points:

  1. Hypothesis
  2. This is a bold statement that makes an assumption about a particular phenomena or situation, usually used by scientists but useful in all areas of academic study. The purpose of this statement is to provide the author with set parameters for testing a particular feature of the given phenomena or situation.

  3. Title
  4. While this may seem like an insignificant step in the process of writing an essay, it can be the most impacting. When selecting a title for your study, you want to ensure that you, as well as your readers, find the study interesting. This does not mean entertaining, it means that your study should hold some form of value to you or your readers.

  5. Introduction
  6. You can’t begin an essay by simply jumping into the core of the study without first telling the readers what they are about to read. Your opening paragraph should state your hypothesis and give a brief explanation on how you intend to test it. You should then give a brief history of the origin of the idea for this paper and explain what you hope to accomplish as a result of this study.

  7. Evidence and analysis
  8. Any good investigative venture requires proper analysis and many a good project has failed here. Proper data analysis requires objectivity and this can be hard to achieve sometimes, have a peer review your work before you submit it to help maintain clear analysis.

  9. Conclusion
  10. At the end of every essay, you must clearly state what was achieved through the research in a short, bold statement.

  11. Referencing
  12. Whenever conducting any study, it is usually unavoidable reference a publish work, be sure to make use of a proper referencing system whenever any published work is cited.

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