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In Search Of Original Research Paper Annotated Bibliography Samples

A bibliography is the page or section at the end of your paper where you list all the works and references you have cited in your paper. The annotate bibliography is an extended version or an advanced level for the basic bibliography. In this section, you need to add details or brief description to each work. The description may be critical in nature, summary, evaluative or address the sources used in a certain project depending upon the requirements of your paper. If your university or teacher wants you to include all three of these purposes then you should do that in order to meet the specification.

The aim of this section is to help future researchers and the students both by determining what is available about a topic of interest. It can help the student in organizing his work and finding a relationship between different works in his paper. Some students may be familiar with this type of paper while others may be new to this section of writing an annotated bibliography. You need to keep in mind that whatever style you pick to write your section it must match with the specifications from your teacher. If your teacher wants you to follow a specific format for writing your research paper, then you should adopt that format without any hesitation or questioning. Your professor is the one who will grade or approve your assignment so it is best to follow his instructions as closely as possible.

The question however, is that most students do not have any idea of what this section is and how to write it. The best solution would be to find a sample of an annotated bibliography that relates to your subject and use it as a guide for writing your own. Earlier, we discussed the different types of descriptions in an annotated bibliography, you need to keep that in mind and only write a certain form of description if required by your scope of work. To find high quality samples that you can use as a guide for your paper, you should consider the following.

  1. Start your search at the library and specify certain times of the day where you will sit in the library and skim through relevant examples
  2. Ask a senior to lend you their paper that they completed following the similar style
  3. Use the internet

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