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There are many services and online tips that can help you write a term paper. These sources offer advice from those who have been in your position as well as professional notes. It is important to remember the following:

  1. As you write your paper you need to note that miscellaneous observations on your topic are not adequate enough in order to accomplish your academic goals. You need to have more than that. You need to have an argument. Your argument needs to answer a question related to your topic. It needs to prove something. This is what constitutes your thesis. You need to support your thesis with reasoning and evidence. This includes examples that are properly cited from different text. In order to gather sufficient evidence, you need to read over your sources with your provisional thesis in mind.

  2. Most of the time your assigned topic will not come with a thesis which means you have to formulate one that relates to the topic on your own. To do this, you need to formulate a thesis that is as close as possible to the question that you want to answer in your paper. After this, you want to develop the thesis by critically thinking, jotting down notes related to the hypothesis, and reading. Do not commit wholeheartedly to the first thesis idea you cultivate. Look it over, test it out a bit, and try and ask yourself what arguments could be made against your thesis. You should be willing to revise or better qualify the thesis you created as you work.

  3. There are multiple ways in which you can present your arguments, but the organization of your essay (including how it starts, how the content develops, and how it ends) needs to be designed in order to clearly and persuasively present your argument. The order in which your argument is presented needs to be the best way for a reader to understand it.

Try and abstain from writing your paper in order from beginning to end. This confines your writing and puts limitations on it that you do not need. Instead, you should write whatever you are best prepared to write, even if you do not know yet how that section will fit into your paper. If you have one solid point of evidence for your argument, write that paragraph first even if you don’t yet have all of your arguments prepared.

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