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Searching for Unusual Psychology Research Paper Topic Ideas

Psychology as a field has given birth to some of the most interesting research and experiments in social science. Some of these encroach into the sub-field of Parapsychology which hosts the fringe elements of Psychology that few respected colleges deal with seriously. For researchers who are unafraid to take the road less traveled, the following topics should be considered.

  • Alternative Treatments for Depression: Laugh Therapy in Modern Usage

    Laugh therapy has been a part of ancient indigenous culture in Mexico for centuries. As the practice gains popularity, research into its psychological efficacy can be undertaken with volunteers.

  • Achieving Dream Lucidity for Stress Relief: Studying the Senoi

    The Senoi as a culture were rumored to have conquered most emotional disturbances by practicing lucid dreaming nightly. This technique could be taught to volunteers suffering from stress to gauge any benefits they derive from its use.

  • Marijuana vs Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety

    While marijuana remains illegal in much of the world, this prohibition seems to be nearing its end. In the meantime, this study can go through existing literature to determine the likely results of Marijuana use as an alternative to therapy for people unwilling or unable to undergo therapy.

  • Modern Incidences of Remote Viewing

    During the Second World War, research was done into the parapsychological phenomena of reporting accurately the description of a building never seen. This was known a s remote viewing and while some incidences were proven, very little research on the matter has been done recently.

  • How Self hypnosis affects goal achievement in Neuro-typical Adults

    Self hypnosis has been proven to affect perception in many ways and this can be practically applied to the attainment of goals. This research could show to what extent average adults can use self hypnosis to retrain themselves to achieve their dreams.

  • Practical Applications of Hypnopedia

    Hypnopedia or sleep-learning has been tested and found to be impossible in almost all settings. This research could look into the few applications of the practice that are practical and whether the practice is more effective on certain populations such as people with diagnosed parasomnias or those who have become accustomed to lucid dreaming.

The sources of these topics vary from science fiction to declassified military documents. They may be too strange for many academics to take seriously but as with all paradigm shifts, they don’t need a large following to start with. If any of these studies were to produce reproducible significant results, others would rush to jump on the bandwagon or even claim findings as their own.

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