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Academic Writing Advice: The Format of a Title Page for a Research Paper

A title page is the first page people see when they take your research paper. You will not have a second chance to make a good impression if it is formatted badly. Every element should be at a right place and provide all the necessary information. Your supervisor is the one who knows general requirements and can check if the title page is well-formatted. In the meantime, you have to start your work and prepare a good draft. The tricks below will be helpful and save your efforts:

  • Write all the elements.

    Any title page consists of:

    1. A research paper title.
    2. A student’s name.
    3. University or school affiliation.
    4. A header.
    5. The number of a page.

    Carefully type everything in a word processor and then double-check grammar and stylistics.

  • Arrange the elements.

    Every element has its place and should be read easily. The way you place everything on the page depends on the format of a title page for a research paper you use. One of the most popular formats is APA style:

    1. A header is placed flush left at the page top.
    2. A page number is also at the top of the page, but to the right of the header.
    3. A title is centered and written using upper-case along with lower-case letters.
    4. It is strongly recommended to have a title less than 12 words in length.

    This format is widely accepted in the social sciences, including psychology and education.

    Another popular format is called MLA format. It is designed to keep everything simple. According to this format, the requirements to a title page are:

    1. A text should be double-spaced.
    2. All letters are centered.
    3. The name of university is provided first, then the title and subtitle (if any), student’s name.
    4. A course name and a course ID number are also provided.
    5. A name and a title of your supervisor are written after the course name.
    6. A research paper term of delivery (optional).

    The course ID number you can get from the student office or from the instructor.

    MLA is popular among natural scientists and is rather flexible. Sometimes the format does not require a title page at all. In this case, the research paper title is provided at the top of the page, double-spaced and followed by an introduction.

  • Check if you put down the needed elements.

    Do not hesitate to ask your tutor for some instructions and show them a draft version of the paper with the title page.

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