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Topics for thesis paper: how to hit the spot

Headings can be nearly as important as your thesis itself. There’s almost a sales quality to the topic; without which no one will even want to read your thesis. So how do you make sure it gets the ‘hits’ it’s supposed to? Can you draw someone in to read your thesis by just arranging the words better?

Well, there’s that. But it also comes down to choosing the right topic in the first place. You can arrange the words of a boring topic all you want; no one’s going to want to entertain reading something they find no interest in. So how is it done?

Get a little bit provocative

It’s not possible with all subjects, but if you can, add a little spice to your topic. Don’t make it cut and dry. There’s got to be a promise of some originality to your thesis. Let the reader know that they are in for something different as opposed to the usual old line of discussion they are tired of. Anyone can cram a bunch of facts on a paper and prove a point. Be original and let your heading reflect that originality.

Asking and answering a question

In sales environments, writers are often asked to come up with catchy headings. The titles should promise to solve a problem or answer a question. For academic theses, the best titles are usually those that promise to settle curiosity. There’s a way to choose your topic and present it in such a way that gets people curious. Your title should ask a question, but also guarantee an answer to it.


You have to make the reader want to pick up your thesis. Consider your topic choice very carefully which will make it easier to draw them in with a catchy title. Part of asking a question is making it one of value to the prospective reader. Your professor and the school board will have a number of theses to choose from. Yours should stand out because it offers something of value to the field of study you and they are interested in. You should try choosing a topic that not only contributes, but one that makes a connection. Every human being has a need to connect with another human being. Get your professor hooked by relating something to him or her that speaks to their interests and their occupational passion.

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