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Some Ideas on Selecting a Good Topic to Write a Research Paper on

Writing a research paper may seem easier than selecting a topic for some, but your interests will help you find something suitable. Few students get inspired to write about a topic based on random ideas. They help get your creative energy going and at least you feel as if you are on to something promising. Your topic selection needs to be based on your ability to meet guidelines set for the project. This is another way to see if you have selected the best topic. The following ideas are just a few to get you started on your search for a good research paper topic.

  • Flu virus. How many people actually take advantage of getting a flu shot each year? How effective is the shot and which people are most recommended to get it? Why are there different strains of the flu virus and will getting the flu vaccine help protect against them? Should the flu vaccine be offered for free to everyone if it is so effective during cold/flu season?
  • DNA. How does DNA determine a child’s mother and father through blood testing? How is DNA used to help solve murders and other crimes committed? When was the first DNA test conducted to determine paternity of a child or baby? How does DNA help researchers understand when a disease or health condition is hereditary? How is DNA different from one person to another?
  • Crime and capital punishment. What crimes do people agree capital punishment is worth of using as a consequence? How many prisoners were executed since capital punishment has been legalized? What steps would people do to get rid of the death penalty? Why is it not right for a government or an institution to take someone else’s life?
  • Education and children. Should more parents’ homeschool their children? Should kids be required to attend college or a university? How can teachers be better equipped in teaching children?
  • Dieting. Why is it hard for people to stay on a diet? When is dieting considered dangerous? What are differences when a child goes on a diet versus an adult?
  • Religion and God. What scientific evidence is there that God exists? What form of faith do people have in the word of God?
  • Ethics in the workplace. What are characteristics companies are willing to invest in that make a good employee?

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