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Writing an Outstanding Research Paper: Where to Find an Example

Few people can master research writing by simply listening to explanations on how to do it. To best understand how to craft a great paper, you need examples of other great papers already created by others. It is also important to use properly formatted and proofread examples so that you get a relevant idea of what your paper should look like. Here are several ways to find reliable and free samples.

Writing centers.

The first place to check for great research paper examples is a writing center in your school or college. These centers assist students who have trouble with academic writing, and they store a selection of excellent papers of different kinds to be used as examples. Most of those are actual student papers completed in your academic institution. You might discover examples submitted in your course, or even to your instructor. Read them, and note the ways in which authors present their ideas and communicate their findings. Simply reading A+ research papers will enhance your feeling of academic language and style and make you more confident in your own writing.


If your college has no writing center, check the library. Some academic institutions store all papers submitted by their students, and grant other students free access to them. Actual grades received by these samples are often confidential, but you can see them ranked by marks. Besides, you can use articles in scholarly journals to get a grasp of research writing. Look for studies on topics similar to yours. They can provide interesting ideas to produce a truly outstanding paper. For instance, you might wish to replicate the author’s experiment involving students with a sample of your peers to see whether the results will be different.

Academic style manuals.

If you are sure of the quality of your research on the selected topic but concerned about formatting issues, you can greatly benefit from style manuals. Find out which style you need for this paper (APA, MLA, Chicago, or other), and browse your college library for a guidebook on this style. You can also find most common style manuals uploaded on the general Web for free. Guidebooks contain examples of perfectly formatted research papers, and also provide tips on how to organize your sections and paragraphs.

Your instructor’s archive.

A fast and easy way to get great research paper examples is to ask your instructor for them. Many tutors act as custodians to student papers submitted in their course.

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