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Top 20 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics Based On Literature

What are the qualities of a good research paper?

A research paper must revolve around a unique topic and hold a catchy title. Furthermore, the thesis statement of the paper should be interesting enough to compel the readers to go through the next pages. Zeroing upon the correct format is very important for your paper, if you are aiming to earn brownie scores from the evaluators. Lastly, correct grammar and typography coupled with lucid language make a paper A+.

How to choose a good research paper topic on literature?

There are two foremost tips to zero upon a literature topic- you have to be interested and you need to have adequate resources at your beck and call. Though real life survey is really not the norm for literature students, but one has to go through umpteen numbers of reference books. If your library doesn’t have them and Internet resources don’t seem enough, then you need to figure out for other avenues.

20 literature topics for research paper

  1. The metaphors usedin Shakespeare’sMacbeth. Explain.
  2. The idea of death and tragic end of romance from the perspective of fateful lovers: How it reflected in Shakespearean literature.
  3. The psychological upheaval in Sylvia Plath’s ‘The Bell Jar’.
  4. What lies behind the façade of ‘ damsel in distress’? - Portrayal of women and their vulnerability in fairy tales.
  5. Alice in Wonderland: it is as much for children as for adults.
  6. The representation and implication of birds in Indian epics ‘ Ramayana’ and ‘ Mahabharata’.
  7. Cats in contemporary Japanese fictions.
  8. Sexual violence against women in American fiction: from 1930-1960.
  9. A comparative study of supernatural elements between the short stories of Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King.
  10. Masculinity viewed from perspective of black women authors in USA- from 1970-2000.
  11. Comedy, satire and dry humor in the writings of P.G. Wodehouse.
  12. The bleakness of English countryside: As Agatha Christie saw it.
  13. The portrayal of radicalism in South-East Asia in Salman Rushdie’s novels.
  14. The depiction of strong female figures in Victoria classics.
  15. Romance, drama and tragedy in Italian literature during the period of renaissance.
  16. The Apocalyptic world of Ray Bradbury.
  17. Aging and sexuality in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “ Love In The Time of Cholera’ and ‘ 100 Years of Solitude’.
  18. The comparison between political reference in the literary works of Dostoevsky and Pushkin.
  19. Marriage: how it depicted in Medieval English poetry.
  20. The symbolism of homosexuality in the Greek play ‘ Antigone’.

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