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How to write a research paper - main peculiarities of an APA format

Naturally a research paper requires you to provide evidence that you have carried out appropriate and sufficient research. Your writing style and ability to stick to the topic or answer a question will also be vitally important. But apart from all of those things if you are required to write to the APA format then knowing the requirements of this format is vital.

Here are the basics which you must follow to the letter

  • Using an A4 size paper you will use a 1 inch margin on every side of every page.
  • You will double space the text throughout and use a common font such as Times New Roman and 12 point.
  • Your title page will have the title of your work your name and the name of your school. This information will be in the centre of the page in the top half of the page. There are numerous examples of the APA title page shown online. Copy and learn.
  • An abstract is a short prĂ©cis version of what the reader can expect to find in your research paper. This abstract appears on a separate page after the title page and should be between about 150 and 250 words. Sometimes your teacher may issue a requirement that the abstract will have a larger number of words. Always follow specific requirements.
  • The main body of your essay which will include the introduction, the middle paragraphs and the conclusion will follow the abstract.
  • The final page in your research paper using the APA requirements will be your reference section. Here you will list all quotations and their source which you have used in different places throughout your research paper.
  • Again there are specific requirements for the order in which the citation details are supplied and there are numerous examples of this again freely available online. Copy and learn.

There are a number of things you can do before writing a research paper using the APA format. On your word processing software program you can set such things as the font type and size, the margins and the spacing between lines. The page numbers and header can also be pre-set before you start your actual writing.

As you may have to write a number of research papers and essays in the APA format, having a single page list of requirements handy can save time and effort.

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